Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture since 2008 in Paris,
LUV HOOD is one of the rare brands that combine the street spirit with a high quality

In developing LUV HOOD, the creators’ vision was to establish a brand that represents
a state of mind based on the premise that life is a journey, and each of us are proud of where we are from.

Everyone has a unique history and set of experiences.
But no matter what that history is, we are all proud to stand for our hood.
The hood can be your family, your friends, your crew, your city, your community, your country!
Always striving to innovate and to be ahead of the trends, LUV HOOD takes its force and inspiration
from the street and the culture that surrounds it.

LUV HOOD brought those two things together. It is more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle.
Because everyone has a different experience of clothing and life.

«Experience Yourself»